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Counseling is Weird, I can't tell you that!


 Are you having trouble finding the right tool for that challenging client? 


There are so many reasons, why clients will be resistant to the counseling process. Some clients are, forced by the court system or parents/guardians and become rebellious.  Others are ashamed to have to see a counselor, which makes them admit they have a problem they cannot help themselves with. Most are not wanting to trust therapists with the knowledge of the childhood trauma's they may have experienced. They feel uncomfortable talking about it, it makes them remember the bad things and some cry, some get angry, some just do not want to know, but deep down they do want to understand why it was bad.    

Clients can Transform old belief systems into new belief systems through therapeutic journaling


The I Am Affirmation Journal to TransformU has 3 strategic components


  1. Affirmation’s

  2. Biblical Scriptures

  3. Therapeutic Journaling    


Clients can read transformational affirmations, document their past story in their own words, emotions, and fears. Clients can challenge their dysfunctional thinking based on writing their story, and create new affirmations that align with the future they desire. Clients can begin creating a new narrative for themselves using the new affirmations, & new thought patterns. Each affirmation is supported by biblical scripture which is an   intricate part of their recovery 

check out what mental health professionals are saying 

Crystal Bailey Lewis

I had the pleasure of using LaTonya Renee’s Affirmation Journal with several clients that were withdrawn during counseling sessions. I presented the journal to them as a homework tool to read LaTonya’s personal testimony and encouraged them to journal their emotions. I was amazed at the change in my client’s posture, and readiness to work toward change. Not only was I astounded in my client’s positive behavior, but also their parents commented on the breakthrough as well. If you are in need of a homework tool for your clients, I highly recommend I Am Affirmation Journal to TransformU. You won’t be disappointed


Crystal Bailey Lewis, LPC, LCAS, CCS-I

Brighter Days Counseling Services  

1933 Jake Alexander Blvd, Salisbury, NC 28147

(704) 781-8133 

Words have Power

Clients are Talking 

Shima B. 


I’ve been stuck for a while. I’ve spent my life up until this point just doing what needed to get done. I am now in a season where I wanted to just stop ‘doing’ and be more purposeful. I eventually reached out to LaTonya as she had been recommended by a member of a group I’m a part of. At the very beginning and throughout my sessions with LaTonya, she has proven to be insightful and she challenged me at the get-go. Her insistence on daily positive affirmations...with the help of her affirmations notebook proved invaluable. So much so, that I have stepped out in faith and started on a journey that I’ve only thought about over the last 10 years. 

                                                          Thank you LaTonya for all you have done for me.

Tammy L. 


I thoroughly enjoyed this Affirmation Journal. LaTonya’s story is very heartfelt and relatable. It helped me in an area of my life in which I continuously struggled and I was able to work through my situation. I would highly recommend this affirmation Journal and look forward to her upcoming books.

Ester B.

 LaTonya Renee, thank you for your continued words of Affirmations. Many mornings, they give me the push,nudge, and courage to go forward. If I've neglected to tell you in the past ( forgive me) Allow me to say Thank You! I appreciate you!

Thank you for saying ”YES” 


Bree W.

I have read both LaTonya Renee’s books The Affirmation Journal to TransformU & TransformU Trials, Tribulation and Transformation. The Affirmation Journal allowed me to let go of all the thoughts and struggles I was keeping on the inside which is one thing that lead me to my addiction. The Affirmation Journal also allowed me to look at things different and positively which I have always had a problem doing. After reading LaTonya’s personal story it made me feel like I was not alone, there are people out there with problems like myself some even worse than me and they managed to have a positive life for themselves and their families. Just knowing that gave me hope I can do it as well, may take some time, but I can do it. I would recommend LaTonya’s books to anyone that needs hope, feels alone, depressed because they helped me.   


As a Professional you can expect 
  • Homework tool for challenging clients

  • Client expression through writing

  • Breakthrough dysfunctional thinking

  • Faith Based therapeutic resource

  • See positive changes in the way your clients think, behave and cope with everyday life circumstances

  • Redirecting client’s negative thoughts through therapeutic journaling   

What clients can expect 

  1. Increase in their self-esteem

  2. Willingness to express themselves with clinicians

  3. Affirm a new narrative for their future

  4. Understanding on how to re-direct negative thoughts to positive

  5. Express themselves through writing

  6. Build a stronger spiritual life 


LaTonya Renee, Author, Speaker, Life Coach

LaTonya Renee

LaTonya Renee, understands how coming from families & communities of dysfunction plagued with crime, domestic abuse, criminal activity and poverty can shape one's future and thought life.  LaTonya was able to dodge drug abuse and incarceration only to succumb to negative choices and low self-worth. A high school dropout, teenage mother, & divorce became a part of her old story. Determined to create a new narrative & change the trajectory of her life she used her Faith in God & Affirmations to propel her life into a new direction. 

LaTonya believes that if you can change your mindset you can change your life and stands on the scripture Romans 12:2 Be not conformed to this world but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind. 

​LaTonya Renee is in prayer for those who struggle in their thoughts, due to past negative choices & circumstances out of their control. 

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Transformu is not about becoming someone new it's about becoming the person God intended you to be all along

6131 Transformu Drive Raleigh, NC 27610

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Affirmations are a beginning path to change. Affirmations are positive statements that describe a desired situation or goal, and the process causes the subconscious mind to strive and work on your statement coming true

My positive attitude, confidence & hard work

naturally draws in new opportunities 

LaTonya Renee

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