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Get his foot off your neck!

🗣🗣 Lets be clear the enemy comes to kill, steal and destroy. The enemy wants you to be the same person you were 5, 10, or 20 years ago, no growth, in debt, being torn down in unhealthy relationships, wasting away at that same dead-end job. He wants you to believe negative truths about yourself & that you don't deserve better.

But God!!!💃💃💃

God looks at all of your flaws & says I still love You; You are my child, you are forgiven. I (God) came so that you can have life and have life more abundantly. John 10:10

Look sis it's going to take some confidence & courage that can only come from God to move you into a different space mentally. The enemy already knows what will happen when you get the courage to walk away from old habits, people and places. He's knows that you will find your purpose, and your purpose is a threat to his tactics to destroy mankind.

When you get in line with God's plan for your life YOU will begin to see yourself differently like you've never seen before. In relationships like you have never been in before. Moving by faith like you never have before. You will develop courage and confidence like you never had before.

Get his foot off your neck! Start the transformation process.

Here are 3 strategies you can start implementing today:

1. Write- start journaling your thoughts, good, and bad. Start to look at the people & places you frequent that cause sad or negative emotions to come up.

2. Write- start writing positive notes to yourself and place them all over your home, car and place of work if you can. You have to consistently see positive words about yourself and speak positive words into yourself

3.Write- write yourself a letter forgiving yourself for any past mistakes and decisions you have made. It's over you can't change it the only thing you can do is move forward.

Hey sis, you already have everything you need on the inside of you to create a new life. Start writing

LaTonya Renee is the founder of TransformU Coaching and Development, an Life Coaching and Training Development Company. She motivates and inspires people to believe if the way they think about themselves and their circumstances they can change their lives.

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