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Childlike Faith

As I watched my grandson and his high school football team, rise up from being 1-4 to being in the final 4 I was reminded of something. I was reminded of how God wants us (adults) to have childlike faith, how He wants us to depend on him like our children depend on us. I watched as the team started out their season 1-4, embarrassment and self-doubt seemed to loom over the team and the school. After that fourth loss something miraculous transpired among the team a change occurred in the mist of what looked like the start of a gloomy season.

As the team continued to show up for practice, they developed a mindset of champions, proclaimed themselves as winners and built a dedicated organization toward a common goal. They became dependent on their coaches, trusted in their leadership to guide and correct their skills. Through great coaching the team began to operate in a childlike manner full of faith & trust in God, knowing they possessed the athletic skills and abilities to change the trajectory of their season. The chemistry, between the players, began to sync like a science project, the temperature on the field went from being mediocre to Turned-Up, they set a winning atmosphere during every game creating an explosive energy that became a domino effect that ran through the cheerleaders, fans and bystanders. Those young men created an environment on and off the field of love, and brotherhood, playing full throttle until the play clock struck zero something that was absolutely amazing to witness.

As (adults) & children of God, He wants us to come to him in a childlike fashion asking, seeking and knocking with our desires and request. We often allow life's hurdles, doubts and concerns to distract us of thinking we have a chance of completing what appears to be a Mountain in front of us. These hurdles slow us down, knock us off stride, or make us give up completely, for some never seeing the manifestation of what God has in store for us. Jesus is continually telling us that we should have "childlike" trust and faith in the Father after all we are his children. Matthew 7:11 says"If you, then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give good gifts to those who ask him! We should be able to come to him fully trusting, without a doubt, that He loves and cares for us.

Just like the football team, we must first decide what it is that we want, be willing to work toward that goal, fight through some pain endure the process & trust God will supply all of our needs. Don't be afraid to ask for assistance, get a coach for guidance and leadership. Coaches can see from the sidelines what mistakes are being made, coaches can call for timeout and help you readjust your game plan. Collaboration is always great, different individuals bring a different set of skills and talents to the table, I believe you can get to your destination in half the time with great partnerships.

By the way, the football team won 10 consecutive games winning the NCHSAA 3-AA Piedmont title, ending up being one of the final four teams to play for the State Championship. Pain and change is part of the process to reach the promise. How much more can we do when we become "childlike" putting all of our trust and faith into our Heavenly Father. I challenge you to decide, seek, and have faith that whatever you ask for you will receive if you are willing to Grow through the process.

LaTonya Renee is the founder of TransformU Coaching and Development, an Life Coaching and Training Development Company. She motivates and inspires people to believe if the way they think about themselves and their circumstances they can change their lives.

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