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Without a Shadow of a Doubt

The year is winding down and if you’re like me you started out 2018 with a vision board, great ideas and overly enthusiastic about executing everything you visualized. In all of the planning, journaling and researching I never factored in the pitfalls that could put a strain on finishing what I started. I didn’t contemplate experiencing depression due to grief from the loss of loved ones, depression caused stagnation in my process and at times I became unenthusiastic about doing anything. A new roof and HVAC system for my home was not on my vision board, however, condensate piping, digital thermostats, shingles, and contractors made an untimely entrance. Talk about a blow to my finances.

To be honest so many of us can be a phone call or financial crisis away from life throwing a curveball in our perfectly laid out dreams and goals. When life begins to happen Doubt “a feeling of uncertainty or lack of conviction” will always walk in the door and take a seat like a piece of grandma’s antique furniture, heavy and hard to move.

The only way I could reconnect my energy and my action back toward my dreams and goals was to eliminate Doubt and execute a Without a Shadow of a Doubt mentality. A “No Doubt mentality” is consistent with Faith “complete trust or confidence in someone or something”. Changing the way, I thought and a strong conviction that no matter how it looks if I continue working toward the goal it Shall happen.

I want to share with you some tips to help you move from an “I Doubt it with Happen” mindset to a “Without a Shadow of a Doubt” mentality.

1. Speak Affirmations

  • I believe in myself.

  • I am capable of living a life beyond my wildest dreams.

  • I am not a victim. I am powerful!

  • I have innate value and purpose within me.

2. Build up your inner confidence

3. Grow through your circumstances

  • Allow yourself to feel how your feeling cry if you have to

  • See a therapist get your emotions out

Want to learn more about building inner confidence, getting clear on your purpose and staying committed to you? Let's Chat

LaTonya Renee is the founder of TransformU Coaching and Development, an Life Coaching and Training Development Company. She motivates and inspires people to believe if the way they think about themselves and their circumstances they can change their lives.

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