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Even though I am determined to be more, have more & do more some moments & days are better than others. If you allow it your mind Will tell you things that are absolutely NOT true. You should do this!! It's too hard!! It's Not going to happen for You. The very reason I ❤❤ affirmations, praise & worship because the battle you must fight EVERY DAY is in your mind. The innerme is in conflict with where your going #goals #purpose #destiny #dreams. I found myself having a pity party this morning and then I reminded myself. Everything you're going through right now is preparing you for your next. Affirmations Quickly Shift the atmosphere ⭐I am More than a Conqueror ⭐I am in a Constant state of attracting Everything I Deserve and I Desire ⭐I Am a Money Magnet ⭐I Am Healthy, Wealthy and Wise ⭐I Am ❤ by God ⭐No weapon formed against me shall prosper & every 👅 that rises up against me shall be condemned 🌟I Am aligned with the energy of abundance ⭐I am worthy of success ⭐I am a Winner ⭐Everything I need is already inside of me  #keepshining ⭐🌟 #shineon #itsnotaboutwhatucamsee #keepgoing #transformu #winning

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