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Fighting for my Freedom

Have you ever felt like your making progress, your moving forward, doing the right thing, then comfort & mediocrity calls Your name? You stop working on your goals, and tip toe, back to unhealthy relationships, places or things just to get a taste. It's like the game of tug of war, the harder you pull the rope toward destiny the harder the old you is pulling you to stay the same. This is self sabotaging behaviour, you tell yourself I'll work on my goals later. I'm strong enough to dabble in both worlds a concept that NEVER works. In actuality, old limited beliefs rise up. Your inner me becomes the enemy frustration, guilt and shame set in. Frustrated with yourself because you went back into a world you fought so hard to get out of. Guilt because your not working toward your goals. Shame because you know there is a champion inside screaming to be birthed to the world. Go back pick up your rope and start PULLING 🕺🕺. Pull until you finish the project, pull until you buy the house, get the job, finish school, build the business, or leave the relationship. Don't allow comfort and mediocrity be your Normal. Pull & Keep Fighting until Destiny has no choice but to answer the door and let you in. Fighting for my Freedom. 🦋🦋 #FixedFight #Winningin18 #ImaWinner #FightingformyFreedom #PurposeDriven #Courage #Transformu #IAm #Affirmations #Itshardbutworthit #Crewcoaching #Takeaction #Coach #mindsetcoach 

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