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Who were you before the world told you who to be? Who were you before adversities changed, your mind changed, your outlook on life? 

The TransformU Anthology is a collection of powerful stories written by men and women who have undergone some trails in their lives only to use them as stepping stones, that have led to their success.


Each co-author, cultivated a new mindset, learned valuable lessons, and grew through difficult processes needed to come out triumphant and transformed. 

Women;s cotton black t-shirt . Available in two sizes..

This book is dedicated to transforming the way you think about yourself, your circumstances and your past. The introduction captures the educational journey of LaTonya Renee, her desire to have a better life and the obstacles she faces to get her there. The Affirmation Journal touches on the mind, body, and spirit, renewing your thoughts to propel your life into a more positive direction.


The journal has 30 affirmations along with biblical scriptures that support each one. There is space after each affirmation and each scripture to document your old belief system and document a new belief system

The Power of the word "Camouflage" holds so many meanings...this is an inspirational book with over 14 authors! We humbly invite you to read these stories of amazing women of courage, whom wrote about their past struggles. Each Co-Author unveils the covering of her own Camouflage, which she used to blend in with her surroundings; in order to get through life. Watch the Triumphs of Transformations as the Camouflage is taken off and a metamorphosis takes place. Each author wrote about a painful situation in their lives and these stories unmask the Camouflage, to help heal not only their own souls, but yours as well. What are you Camouflaging in your life?

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