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Author, Speaker and Transformation Coach


Humble Beginnings........

I was the middle child born to a single mother, with a large extended family 5 uncles and 4 aunts & plenty of cousins all caught up in generational cycles. My fondest memories of our huge family were how we expressed, love through food, fellowship, and fun.


I always felt an internal pull, a knowing that I was special, however, I didn't understand how to manifest it externally. I was an extremely shy child & because I grew up in impoverished circumstances, I was easily intimidated & had a distrust for institutions (law enforcement, social service agencies, school system, banks etc.) any interaction with them was always negative.


My environment was often filled with chaos, criminal activity, substance abuse, lack, and broken relationships. The mindset of that time was far from goal setting, preparing for college or a financial portfolio, it was only to survive one day at a time.






Knowing that I was different, that I was special, was not enough to create any change in my life. I spent enormous amounts of energy on the social economic barriers, the inequalities that plagued our environment I couldn't envision life any different. And unfortunately, no one else could help me either. I found myself in some unhealthy relationships, a teenage mother of two children at 18, no confidence, working dead-end jobs with no opportunity for growth.



I was in desperate need of a mindset shift.



The enemy start's his process early in our lives when we’re vulnerable and impressionable. Although things were difficult, I’m extremely grateful I never succumbed to any substance addictions or criminal activity.  


John 10:10 The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.



Education opened the door.......

The first goal I set was to get my GED. That one accomplishment, the feeling of completing something created a domino effect & I was determined to go higher.


Education expanded my mindset, after working 12 years at a distribution center, I quit. I began a career working in the criminal justice system, a profession I was drawn to because I wanted to be a conduit for people that came from similar communities like mine.


The higher I went in education the more resistance I received from the enemy. Days before graduation, I was told I was not on the list to graduate. After a boatload of tears, speaking with administration staff I was allowed to walk with my cohorts & receive my bachelorette degree in 2007.


 negative choices & circumstances out of their control. 

As I pursued my Master's degree, again the enemy fought me tooth & nail to give up. I was asked to withdraw from school for personal reasons, I knew my rights and refused. December 2014 I received my Master's degree.  


Now I have confirmation, I Am special, I was beginning to see just how special I was to God.


I also understood I was responsible for the change I wanted to see.


Education became a vehicle to advance me, personally and professionally.


Education taught me resiliency, persistence, increased my faith in God. Adversity allowed me to see I am valued & I have gifts and talents to offer the world.


My energy shifted from my problems to my promise.    


I'm grateful the many setbacks I experienced on this journey it prepared me for my next season.


Romans 8:28 And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose


God restores the years.......

Although I was making headway in my education and in my career I was confident God wanted me to do more. I became addicted to my personal growth and used my adversities to undercover the layers of dysfunction that began many years ago.

The word of God became my weapon and my instructor on what to do next. I began to use Affirmations continue to grow and guard my mind.

The confirmation came when I attended the Steve Harvey “Act Like a Success” conference the phenomenal keynote speaker Lisa Nichols took my breathe away. I can remember her clearly saying “Someone is waiting on You to be Great” and I thought to myself. There are so many LaTonya Renee’s around the world in communities waiting for me to be Great.

Since attending that conference I have been on a mission to help women transform their lives by igniting their internal confidence, gaining clarity on their goals and commit to pursuing them.  






And just like that the one extremely shy, intimidated young women began Boldly Empowering crowds across North Carolina to change their internal dialogue in order to change their lives.

I've worked with numerous women individually and in group coaching settings, trained staff at non-profit agencies and conducted workshops for universities & community colleges.

I partnered with authors in 2016 and compiled my first book Camouflage. In 2017 I released "I Am Affirmation Journal.  At the end of 2017 I compiled my 3rd book with 11 other individuals to complete Transformu, together we  become best selling authors. 


Transformu, is not about becoming someone new it's about uncovering the person God intended you to be.   

Joel 2:25 “I will repay you for the years the locusts have eaten the great locust and the young locust,
 the other locusts and the locust swarm my great army that I sent among you.

Official BIO 

LaTonya R. Albright is a native of Winston-Salem, NC a veteran criminal justice professional, certified life coach, and empowerment speaker.


LaTonya holds degrees from Forsyth Technical Community College (AA Criminal Justice), Winston-Salem State University (BA Disciplinary Studies Social Work), North Carolina Agriculture and Technical State University (M.S. Adult Ed). In her 18+ years in the criminal justice arena, she has served as Case Manager, Program Supervisor, Case Analyst, and Staff Development Specialist. She is a trainer with the NC Justice Education Training Commision.


In life, she serves as a mentor to many. LaTonya founded LaTonya Renee Enterprise Coaching and Development in 2016, to assist women in transforming their lives first with shifting the way they think. 


LaTonya uses experiences from her past and her career working with incarcerated offenders both male & female, and their families to Educate, Empower & Elevate others to find the internal change they desire in their lives.


LaTonya is an Amazon Bestselling Author, her books include Camouflage “Because I wear a smile” and TransformU 12 powerful stories of Trials, Triumph, and Transformation. As a person of deep faith, LaTonya understands that spirituality is a vital part of the lives of individuals she serves, she wrote “I Am Affirmation Journal to TransformU” a 30-day journal of affirmations and biblical scriptures.  


LaTonya is an ambassador for Christ and the mother of 3 children Brandon, Janelle, and Javon.


LaTonya believes that if you can change your mindset you can change your life and stands on the scripture Romans 12:2 “Be not conformed to this world but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind”. 

LaTonya is known for her soft-spoken demeanor and empathetic yet empowering personality.




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