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Are you ready to create radical(out of the box) wins that will catapult you to your next level?

Are you prepared to activate your purpose and move fiercely toward your goals?

For many years, I thought I was destined to live a life similar to family and friends in my circle. I knew deep inside that I was purposed for greater but could never seem to tap into it. After many years of mediocrity, adversity forced me to look at my life a new set of lens. And then Suddenly it Happened my life pivoted into a new direction all because I became extremely focused on changing my mindset. I understand how it feels to want your inner desires to line-up with your current reality.I soon realized that long term, permanent change only comes from a change in your mindset. The CREW is the program for you. 


When you do the work, You will leave the CREW...

  • With a mindset focused on the future not the past  

  • With a better understanding of how to address your current situation 

  • With an expanded mindset, ready to learn new self-fulfilling beliefs 

  • Transformed by the renewing of your mind Romans 12:2

As your CREW Coach I will hold you accountable and push you into action. You will join a group of other goal-driven individuals who are committed to discovering their purpose and walking in their gifts. 


Group Coaching Program

Who would benefit from investing in CREW?

  • People who are ready for transformation

  • People who are ready for a mindshift

  • People who are ready for consistent action

  • People who are scared but ready to do it anyway

  • People who are ready to create the life they want to live

  • People who are ready to strive in life, not just survive


4 weeks packed with Education, Encouragement and Accountability to Push you into Action to pursue your dreams and goals. 

Members Receive: 

  • Focus on Mindset 

  • I Am Contract

  • Weekly Accountability Group Sessions 

  • Weekly Transformation Assignments 

  • TransformU Mug

  • Romans 12:2


10 Weeks  packed with Education, Encouragement and Accountability to Push you into Action to pursue your dreams and goals. 

Member Receive: 

  • Focus on Commitment- Clarity-Confidence 

  • Self Assessment, 

  • I Am Contract

  • Monday night group coaching sessions via phone or zoom. 

  • 1 (30) minute Coaching Session 

  • Weekly Accountability Group Sessions

  • Expert Consultation via (1) Group Session

  • TransformU T-shirt 

Ready to get started?

Click below to sign up for the CREW or CREW Plus+ program. If you are still unsure about whether or not CREW is a good fit for you but you are highly interested in finding out more, schedule a call to see if it is a good fit and we will answer any questions you may have.

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