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Coaching Services 

“If you want it, go for it. Take a risk. Don’t always play it safe or you’ll die wondering”

 Women are tired of doing what they “should” do and are ready to live out the vision they have for their lives. Problem is, many can’t see it, or if they can, they can’t see a way to become their authentic selves. TransformU coaching works with your goals and it gets to the heart and soul of who you are and what you truly want. It helps you discover what steps you need to take to get there, focusing on you and exclusively on your goals, so you can move forward with your true identity. 

Common reasons women stay stuck 


Generational Cycles, negative generational cycles affects our lives so much so that we can't visualize ourselves doing anything different and never fulfill our desired goals in life. 

fear is one of the most common reasons we stay stuck, it will cause you from taking any action at all, it "Fear" works with anxiety, self doubt and guilt. 

INDECISIVENESS fearing the outcome of a choice can keep you from taking risks and trying new things. When you dare to stand by your decision, you learn to find your feet in tough situations

Life's challenges can perpetuate feelings of unworthiness, women will create a secure cocoon that feels "safe" 





Relationship issues 

Career move or lack thereof 

Financial woes 

Empty Nest 


“It’s not enough to have lived. We should be determined to live for something.” ―Winston S. Churchill


Although I do spend a limited amount of time “looking back” and helping clients understand why their fears, values, beliefs, and personality exist. My goal is not to process the client’s past. My goal is to help the client become the best version of themselves 

Coaching Programs 

Through my spiritual one-one-one, & group coaching programs you can 


  • Create a lifeline of your history to identify seasons of passion & seasons of pain                                                                                     

  • Identify what it is you want out of this season in your life           Get clear                                                                                              

  • Take a deep look into habits, places, and things that no longer add value to your life  Leave the cycle                                              

  • Pinpoint your strengths and weakness  Confidence killers         

  • Establish what are your options for this season                   Make a decision                                                                                

  • Create a clear step by step approach in order to reach your goal Commit to the process                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    The goals are the clients choice. Desired outcomes are to unlearn old habits and traditions, develop new traditions that create confidence, clarity, and commitment to their goals. My role is to hold clients accountable, helping them stay in action in order to create radical and epic wins they desire 


Sessions are every two weeks either in person, by phone or video conference. Email contact between sessions is included in the packages.


This book is dedicated to transforming the way you think about yourself, your circumstances and your past. The Affirmation Journal touches on the mind, body, and spirit, renewing your thoughts to propel your life into a more positive direction.

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Hours of Operation 

Monday- Thursday 




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What clients are saying 

I’ve been stuck for a while. I’ve spent my life up until this point just doing what needed to get done. I am now in a season where I wanted to just stop ‘doing’ and be more purposeful. I eventually reached out to LaTonya as she had been recommended by a member of a group I’m a part of. At the very beginning and throughout my sessions with LaTonya, she has proven to be insightful and she challenged me at the get-go. Her insistence on daily positive affirmations...with the help of her affirmations notebook proved invaluable. So much so, that I have stepped out in faith and started on a journey that I’ve only thought about over the last 10 years. 

Thank you, LaTonya for all you have done for me.



I have read both LaTonya Renee’s books The Affirmation Journal to TransformU & TransformU Trials, Tribulation and Transformation. The Affirmation Journal allowed me to let go of all the thoughts and struggles I was keeping on the inside which is one thing that leads me to my addiction. The Affirmation Journal also allowed me to look at things different and positively which I have always had a problem doing. After reading LaTonya’s personal story it made me feel like I was not alone, there are people out there with problems like myself some even worse than me and they managed to have a positive life for themselves and their families. Just knowing that gave me hope I can do it as well, may take some time, but I can do it. I would recommend LaTonya’s books to anyone that needs hope, feels alone, depressed because they helped me.   



Let's Chat 

Transformation starts with a decision in the right direction. I believe that everyone can live a life they design versus a life of default as long as they are dedicated to do so.


The 3 C's to start you on the journey of transformation.

  1. CLARITY change how you think about you
  2. CONFIDENCE believe you can succeed
  3. COMMIT to yourself and take action




 LaTonya coaches women through the different points of transition in their lives and positions them to achieve more and live better. Through her 3c system of guiding principles, she takes them from  transitioning to transformed!

What you can expect:

  • Self Assessment: How did I get here? Identify your goals and challenges. Evaluate where you are and where you want to go.

  • Customized program to fit for your passion and your purpose 

  • Get Clarity, Confident, & Committed: Exercises to renew your mind and motivate your spirit to action

  • (3) One On One Coaching Sessions: Guided principles to your Transformation  

  • Expert Consultation via (1) Group Session

  • TranformU Gift Pack: Goodies to keep you growing through your Transformation

  • Bonus Accountability Group Sessions

  • Access to the TransformU exclusive Facebook group

One reason people resist change is because they focus on what they have to give up, instead of where they are going. 

Click below to contact me if you are truly ready to begin your Transform. Transformation starts with a decision to elevate your mind, face your fears and work hard toward your dreams. 
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